As a kid, I enjoyed disassembling things and trying to build something from the parts.  I guess I was destined to become someone that builds for a living.  Software development is not the same as building a cart from bike parts or a fort from spare plywood, but the process of building is the same.  Starting with an idea, then building small pieces and parts to combine in the end never gets old. While software is a part of my life, it's certainly not my entire life.  My family and riding bikes are where I spend my time away from a computer.

Over my career, I've worked with some of the largest companies, setup servers in the attic of a Chinese import business, and everything in between.  My exposure to technologies and project types are also just as varied - everything from Lotusscript, Java, .Net, Informatica, SQL, and now Hadoop.

My experience definitely shapes how I approach the software development process.  My first job out of college was as a Lotus Notes administrator with IBM.  Having to support multiple applications across multiple servers definitely influenced my thought process by having me try to build solutions that function while being flexible and easy to maintain.

I call this being simple, practical, and prepared.  Simple is better than a complex solution that no one can maintain. Practical solves the problem at hand instead of designing for every possible what-if scenario.  Prepared to deliver and deploy solutions based on a solid plan.